Cancer diagnostics based on generation of proteomic patterns is a relatively new diagnostic tool. Proteomic patterns are generating from blood samples and are based on analysis of huge sets of data to identify desease patterns in proteomic expressions. By use of technology developed by Pattern Solutions one is able to distinguish patterns from blood serum taken from healthy and non-healthy persons. Such a technique gives very promising results to detect cancer in an early phase.

A technology based on proteomic signatures of high-dimensional mass spectrometry (MS) data is a good classifier to determine cancer of different types. One problem when using MS-technique is to determine what attributes among thousands in a database which are most significant for determination of a certain type of cancer. Pattern Solutions has developed methods which may solve such a problem.

Pattern Solutions is able to model  highly dynamical networks,  for instance protein-protein interaction networks. Since the dynamics is so  important part of such networks, the communication part of the system is going to be built into the model as a fundamental component.

In addition, Pattern Solutions has developed different  methods for adaptive clustering of data to be used for instance in cancer diagnostics. It is then possible to detect at an early phase the development of a specific type of cancer based on how the clustering image looks like.