Application areas Biomedicine Computational Neuroscience

Pattern Solutions has developed a prototyp of a data system to simulate how different networks consisting of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain interact related to the study of the brain’s attention function. 60 % of the capacity of the human brain is dedicated to visual attention. To understand this function may have consequences for our understanding of ADHD of children. In the brain visual attention consists of 3 different networks that are collaborating :

  • Alerting network, which is responsible to attain an alert state
  • Orienting network, which is activated by an input percept
  • Executive control network, that is administering  conflicts  and make decisions in the brain

Pattern Solutions has developed a component based software model where there is a strong interaction between the different components (agents). The benefit of using such a model is, for instance, to study one component's response of a certain kind of percept.