Application areas Biomedicine Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics is a new and very exiting area of medicine to carry out diagnostics based on molecular data. Such a diagnostic has in a long perspective potential to radically change the diagnostics in medicine in general.

In the experiment Pattern Solutions carried out an analysis of about 40 urine tests of children suffering from autism or not, equally distributed. Then a proof of concept experiment was carried out where the number of samplesĀ  were about 120. The analysis was based on time series of molecular spectra, so-called HPLC-data.

Is it possible to determine if a child is suffering from autism or not from such molecular data? The analysis carried out by Pattern Solutions could determine such a connection with a prediction rate of 80-85 %. This was a project under the FORNY program of Norwegian Research Council, administered by the company Bergen Technology Transfer (BTO AS).