Application areas Fish Farming

Pattern Solutions has carried out analysis of data from smolt production in cooperation with a company within fish farming. This company has specialized itself to develop good smolt quality. This was a "Skattefunn" project under Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway. The problem was if one could determine the quality of smolt (good, medium, bad,..) from an enzyme occurring on the gills. The analysis of Pattern Solutions confirms this even if the quality of the data from different fish framing sites that have been recorded, was not very good.

Pattern Solutions has also developed technology to carry out analysis on data from salmon production sites across the whole country. The data was organized I four different regions (north, south, west and middle) of Norway. The goal of the analysis was to develop prediction models of the production process to find salmon quality based on historical data from fish farming sites across the country. One problem was to identify key factors in the quality of salmon production. One important problem was if there could exist regional differences of salmon production quality based on the regional data recorded. However, the data recorded was not of very good quality, but by help of technology developed by Pattern Solutions one was able to show that there exist regional differences, and most clearly between north and south of Norway.

Another challenge for Pattern Solutions is to establish more close cooperation with the fish farming society to better be able to systematically determine key factors behind different  fish diseases  and death rate of fish. Another challenge is to develop a more solid foundation of data recorded in  fish farming, both with respect to standardization and quality.